KidLogic – Off Road EP Vol. 1

30 Dec
KidLogic - Off Road EP Vol. 1

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“Lately Ive been thinking about trying to do a different take on the club night, something along the lines of a jazz club, where yeah, you can dance, but its as much about going to vibe out and listen to new directions musically as new directions physically; somewhere that’s a safe place for producers to try new things without having to worry about clearing the dancefloor…”

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I had the opportunity to talk to Luke KidLogic about his new (FREE) album, ‘Off Road EP Vol. 1,’ ( and not only is it a dope album, but this guy has got a lot of interesting and forward-thinking ideas about music in general.

First, some information about this electronic producer; he lives in Portland, he’s been DJ’ing since 1998 and making music since 2001, and he also hosts a radio show, Supernormous Sessions, every Friday on

When I asked about his musical influences, I found out this cat takes it back to the Chemcial Brothers and Fatboy Slim era of the 1990s, but also includes some non-electronic music as well, stating, ‘I was influenced by a lot of 90s skate punk, early grunge and old hip hop. I found electronic music through the Chemical Brothers in 96, and that style – big beat electronica was a big influence too – Fatboy Slim, EBN, all that Astralwerks stuff… once I found house music and dnb after going to a few raves, I started DJing and a lot of tunes and artists who were big to me then definitely ended up influencing me musically in some way down the line; CZR, Paul Johnson, Danny the Wildchild, 3D, Phantom 45, Aprhodite, DJ Dara… so many things really, from the sprawling improv funk of Parliment or even Phish, to raw dirty hip hop, to raw dirty punk, to Skweee, to big room DnB, to deep house.”

(‘You Freek,’ a track he released earlier this year)

I checked out his ‘Off Road EP Vol. 1,’ album, and it’s really a fun listen! In a culture that expects you to super-meticulously over-define your music by sub-sub-genre, KidLogic throws a middle finger in the air (not literally, I would hope, because it’s hard to make music with just one hand) and he tears it up, with a barrage of styles all rolled into his signature groove. You really are going to want to check out his new one (plus he’s got older albums to check out too) and since it’s an EP, it’s not super-long, but you’re likely going to be listening to it more than once.

KidLogic Killin it on the Decks

KidLogic Killin it on the Decks

His new album spans the scope of electronic and dance music, from his first track, ‘Beat Bouncin,’ a juke’d out menace of a track, to ‘Snuck Groove,’ which definitely shows his glitch-hopping prowess, with some nice dub echoes and exciting rhythm, to songs like ‘Luxx,’ and ‘Slughouse,’ where you can definitely feel the (s)paced-out “old-school” dubstep influence (I put the phrase “old-school” in quotations because… well, come on, dubstep isn’t even really at the age of puberty yet). But KidLogic definitely had some things to say about dubstep…

“I can see dubstep cementing itself as both the pop-mainstream monster that it’s become, and having a more underground return to the space-pace-bass mentality it had when I first found it, with the pop side of things taking that more aggressive electro side of every genre with it – electro house, breaks, dnb, etc – for better and worse. I think that we’re gonna see a lot more experimentation and cross-breeding of styles over the next year, and less emphasis on genre at least in the underground. Im excited to hear what comes next!”

(‘Side Street Slide’)

I asked him where he sees glitch hop music heading, as a genre or a style of music…

“…its tough for me to say… from what I have been paying attention to I think there are some branches of glitch hop that are sonically similar to (and close to becoming equivalent to) the more mainstream take on dubstep – whether that’s good or bad is perspective. That said, there are other branches of glitch hop that are pushing boundaries and redefining the term. If you mean this weird branch of experimental glitch / footwork / uk funky / wonky / dnb / breaks / moombah / step / post- / future- / etc mishmash of the last year or so, I think its going to continue to evolve. It feels like I’m pulled in a new direction sonically every few months lately, stumbling onto a track or a mix of some new obscure something from a far corner of the internet and I love it.”

As far as his equipment goes, he uses Ableton 5, and once in awhile he’ll break out his Trigger Finger or Oxygen 8, saying, “…almost everything I do is sample based, so most is done by chopping audio in Ableton or with the Simpler. Once in a while Ill break open Reason for some synths, but I usually end up resampling and tweaking it later.”

He wouldn’t mind seeing a change of pace for the electronica experience, though, and I would quite agree with him…

“I love going to the club, but a lot of the great music being made right now is lost in cyberspace because the scene so focused on being hype and making people lose it with the filthiest drop. Sometimes I wanna go out and listen to the kind of thing I would put on at home, but with friends and beer on a loud ass system.”

Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but when he started talking about the head-banging mosh-out/rave-out mentality of the dubstep-nights at clubs, and contrasting that to something of the ‘jazz club’ mentality of open-experimentation for producers, it kind of reminded me of the bop music by Charlie Parker, Dizzy, and Miles Davis – the rebels of their scene who took it upon themselves to go against the grain of the big-band atmosphere and create something bolder, MUCH more experimental, and, I would argue, more fun – and I don’t think I’m completely alone in that general feeling as far as the state of electronic music goes…

With the super-filthy, ‘down-some-more-e-and-jump-around,’ vibe going on, I wonder if a pullback movement is around the corner for 2012, when the experimenters organize and get something exciting and original going again…

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A$AP Rocky – Purple Swag

23 Dec
A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag

A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag

This song is pretty much everything in a hip hop track that I enjoy right now; it gets way too chopped n’ screwed, the rhymes are catchy, it’s boastful but still real (there’s an image of them riding through Harlem without their shirts, and shots of a girl singing along with the lyrics – not a naked girl with champagne poured on her tits, just her pretty face singing along – real) and also, it’s purple as hell.

We’ll definitely be hearing more from A$AP Rocky in 2012.

dubSTEP UP for Democracy – Soul Outsider Fashion

15 Nov

So, one of the the things I wanted to accomplish with this blog, aside from showcasing culture and music and art that I find online, is to showcase my own creative works. So far I’ve done this with music, but I also have been designing clothes. It’s just a start, but here’s the link to the zazzle, with many more shirts to come:

The idea was not only to create Occupy Wall Street clothes and ideas, but to also mix in electronic music with it – let me explain why…

I’ve been making electronic music since the late 1990s (so yes, I’m an 80sBaby, and proud of it, lol) and I have always loved listening to the different strains of rave music through the years, but one thing I didn’t love about it was how apathetic a lot of it was to political issues. Just the phrase, ‘political issues,’ turns a lot of people off. I say FUCK that. It shouldn’t turn people off, it should charge them up.

Instead of just dippin’ into some molly and trying to ‘dance’ to dubstep, how bout raging out for something constructive? Think that’s lame? Is Rage Against the Machine lame? What if you took the intensity of them and their sound, but made it out of synthesizers and electronics? Exactly!

So now you see where I’m coming from. Now more than ever, as the authorities are trying to push the demonstrators out of their protests, we need an activist culture – and we need to support the Occupy Movement in any and every way possible! It means holding up signs and demonstrating in New York, it means talking to everybody you know about the movement and trying to articulate why you support it, and it means fusing the ‘what-was-once-NON-political,’ in culture, with politics!

Mugwort – Pyschedelic Crunk Art and Clothing !

13 Nov


Isaac Mills is one talented guy. If you haven’t seen his work, you should DEFINITELY check it out. As far as I can see, his art is a mixture of crunk and spirituality/mysticism. Sound unusual? Take a look for yourself! He’s done work for musicians such as An-Ten-Nae, Jungle Tribe, and Dirty Baron – just to name a few! His work has been displayed in art galleries in Europe, as well. Beautiful doesn’t describe it well enough, it’s simply breath-taking art!

Isaac Mills

Isaac Mills

When he’s not traveling to exotic locations like Indonesia, or designing awesome album covers and graphics, he’s working with his partner, Kaery, to post these designs for SALE in their online shop!! You can actually wear some of this amazing art! It’s probably obvious at this point, but I have nothing but props for this whole project!

African Goddess Longsleeve Shirt- Army Green

African Goddess Longsleeve Shirt- Army Green

It’s truly some psychedelic crunk material, a trend that I’m very excited to see. It’s just my personal opinion, but I think we’re all in for an exciting era for art and clothing.



If you like the designs, you can purchase them at their store, here:

Freddy Todd – Michigan Glitch Hop Funketeer

12 Nov

So, being a Michigan resident, I’m always excited to find about producers holding it down in the funk department (for example, several members of PFunk are from Detroit) and so I feel I should mention this crazy funketeer, Freddy Todd. Not only am I happy to feature a dope Michigan musician on my blog, but also happy because this dude is an incredible glitch hop producer, and Michigan could always use more glitch hop producers.

This guy has been around awhile, and he’s super funkin’ prolific. He’s worked with hip hop artists, bands, he plays multiple instruments – god damn, this guy is impressive! And he’s not slowing down anytime soon! Definitely going to want to check out his music if you haven’t already.., my absolute favorite blog, had this to say about him:

“He has three previous self released EPs (Hallowz Eve, iLLegal summer ‘stache, and Winter Soulstice), four officially released EPs on the Seattle based label Car Crash Set (Ghost Dance Messiah, Can’t Fathom This Remix EP, Space 5 Penthouse Remix EP, and a combined remix compilation EP of all the remixes for both), and two full length LP albums on Simplify Recordings (Neon Spectacle Operator and Painting In a Silent Eternity – both produced and released within 6 months of each other). He has also released remixes for Ben Samples, Mochipet, +verb, Bobby Tank, and Zebbler and Encanti Experience, as well as many more in the works. You can also find a plethora of FT single tracks scattered around a few of the electronica underground’s compilations including Aisuru One and Bass From Above I (two fundraisers for Japan), and Waveform Modulation’s Ancient WoLF LuRCHeRZ and GalaxC Girl presents Bassage Therapy. Freddy has been touring all over the United States and just wrapped up a rowdy month long nation wide jet tour with bass-comrades Minnesota (Santa Cruz, CA) and Omega (Denver, CO). You can keep up with his latest releases and free remix downloads on his page and his website.”

For the entire article, go to .. they have a lot of decent Q and A’s up on their site.

Anywho, his new one, ‘Honey, I Crunk’d Tha Kidz,’ which is a collab between him and S.P.E.C.T.R.E., can be downloaded for FREEEEEEE @ and I recommend the hell out of everything this muh-funka has done. So check it out:

He also has a release out on Daly City Records, which is also impressive. Daly City Records is known for it’s good glitch hop. They got Ill-Esha and Mochipet, just to name a couple of artists..

I lived in Daly City for about six months, it’s on the peninsula just below San Francisco. Personally, I can’t talk enough shit about Daly City. It’s cramped, boring, expensive, and the only reason you live there (unless you’re raising a family) is to be close to San Francisco WITHOUT actually living IN San Francisco, as that would be even more expensive. Ah, I miss the Bay, though. Hopefully I can move back there, and hopefully I’ll live somewhere decent when I get there.. somewhere that ISN’T Daly City.. But anyway, enough about this Daly City rant. Daly City Records is a legitimately dope record label, and you should check out Freddy Todd!

Here’s one of his tracks off that Daly City Records release:

Acute Obsession!

11 Nov

Ashley Bryan, from her blog, Acute Obsession

Ashley Bryan, from her blog, Acute Obsession

So, my close friend, Ashley Bryan (who recently moved to Grand Ledge, Michigan) hosts a fashion blog, where she models the cutest and hippest fashions around. If you recognize her photo, it’s because she’s the really pretty girl whom I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with a couple months back, which you can read about in an older post.

She has a real knack for fashion and design, and she works tirelessly at the costume shop at Lansing Community College. They put on plays every few months, and their latest one, ‘Black Butler,’ received great reviews, and Ashley helped create many of the costumes. Check out her blog!

KOAN Sound – The Future of Music…

11 Nov
KOAN Sound

KOAN Sound

These guys really piss me off. Their music is five years ahead of pretty much anything else I’ve heard. Skrillex just signed them. They sound a little like what Glitch Mob SHOULD be doing, and my goodness do they funk it out hardcore! These two Bristol-based 18-year olds are so funkin’ good at what they do, it’s infuriating!

If you’re wondering what music will sound like after Obama is finishing his second term, check out this funk wave…

In an interview with Knowledge Magazine, they explained their intentions a bit..

“We wanted to try and expand on our previous release; combining both past and present genres (the most obvious example being Funk/Glitch-Hop) as well as improving on our actual production skills too. Three of the four original pieces are around the 100bpm mark also, which is something that we’re really trying to push at the moment.”

Funk and Soul Cave @ Turntable.FM

10 Nov

So I’ve been hanging out alot in the ‘Funk and Soul Cave,’ which is one of my favorite rooms on a site called It’s a great site, you get a little avatar and play music in a virtual room, or you can just sit back and listen to other virtual DJs. If you like what they’re playing, you click ‘Awesome,’ or if you hate it, click ‘Lame,’ and so on.. I recommend it. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free? It’s in beta testing right now, so not a TON of people on there yet, but it’s been blowing up lately so who knows how big it’s going to be in a few months…

I’m there all the time. There’s definitely some regulars there, too. It’s always a positive vibe. Very welcoming and upbeat group. Check it out, it’s better than Pandora because it’s real folks, not some computer telling you what you should be hearing, but actual people discussing their favorite musical groups, playing back and forth, having a great time!

99 Samples for the 99%

9 Nov
99 Samples for the 99 Percent ( A Free Samples Compilation by StrangeFlow)

Download it now for free and make some dope music!

So I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but one thin seems to be missing… MUSIC! No, I’m not just being artsy and unnecessary here – art and music is VITAL to any successful cultural movement!

If you check out the OCCUPY MUSIC thread in facebook (which I have) it’s mostly older Vietnam-era songs, Bob Marley songs, etc, etc.. All those songs are great and fine, but let’s not build a soundtrack based on pre-existed 60s and 70s protest/peace anthems, let’s leave the nostalgia behind and build a new musical protest landscape!

I know there’s enough talent out there to do it! I, for one, do NOT want to hear ‘For What It’s Worth,’ by Buffalo Springfield, unless it’s a remix, or unless it’s being played after a dozen NEW anthems. So, come on, Music World! Let’s make some new tunes!

Here are some samples I compiled to get y’all going, if you need inspiration, or if you want samples for your political tunes… I hope they’re helpful. I’ve been told they’re a decent resource. So here you go.. Use these samples how you wish! Create some great music if you’re so inclined!

This is a sample-pack of sound recordings from various news shows and Occupy Wall Street video footage. I had to edit some of them down a bit, as this sample-pack was designed to be a resource for musicians who wanted to put vocals into their politically-themed electronic jams as soon (and as easily) as possible. The movement is just over a month old and it needs music! 🙂

Big ups to everyone on Glitch Hop Forum, and of course, everyone involved in the Occupy Wall Street / 99-Percent Movement!

OWS - Obama, Don't Be Wall Street's Puppet!

OWS - Obama, Don't Be Wall Street's Puppet!

I love this next one, too.. The font and the colors are great, and I know that’s not the only thing I’m supposed to notice, and it certainly isn’t, I’m completely for this movement from a moral and political point of view, but I must also say, as far as color-schemes go, this one got me…



Sunbear – Let Love Flow For Peace

9 Nov
Sunbear - Let Love Flow For Peace

Reeeeaaall nice funk music! Def check it out!

Great funk music. I thought I would repost this because I’ve been playing this track… probably over a dozen times in the last few days. Which is quite a lot for me, I shuffle through a lot of music, sometimes being more-than-a-bit-discerning. But this track is bounce as hell, so I thought I would share. Some good funk and some nice soul rubbed on it.. and why not? Shouldn’t we all let love flow for peace? 🙂

I found this on Fulgeance’s music blog posting on facebook, and then found that he got it from a nice funk/soul blog, (a blog that I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND!) Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory, “Let Love Flow For Peace,” by Sunbear.