Grungestep Compilation I

1 Nov

Generating buzz / controversy, this FREE comp from Soul Outsider Records features forward-thinking remixes of 90s grunge songs! I decided to put this together after I realized that electronic music and grunge were the only things I was listening to last year when I was in Fremont, California… I guess I was just in that kind of mood that summer. Anyway, I got a bunch of great electronic producers together (including iLL Gates!) and released this compilation… I can’t believe how it took off!

I’m getting ready for a second Grungestep Compilation. At this point I’m not looking for artists anymore because most of the mixes are ready to go, except for mastering. But, if you want to download the original Grungestep, type in the link below..

Here’s a couple from Grungestep 1… Archie Cooper’s Nirvana Mix, and my StrangeFlow mix of Beck’s ‘Loser’ song.

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