Album Preview: “The Skwunc Years: 2018-19”

2 Sep
This Ain't Math Class, Nerd!

The Skwunc Years: 2018-19

So, I go to a lot, and someone made a post recently about witch house.. If you don’t know what witch house is… ok, imagine a tween-hipster just went to one of the new twilight movies, and then went home, decided to make some music, took some heroin, sat down in their favorite comfortable chair, lost all energy to make music (on account of the heroin) but ALSO lost the energy to get out of the chair, and so continued with the music-making… ok, basically, it’s a really lame ghoulish and spooky kind of sound, and a lot of witch house bands like to mix old 80s teen movie songs into their tracks.. I’m not a big fan…

So I posted something in GHF called “10 New Genres for 2011 That Are Better Than Ghost House,” ( and one of them was ‘skwunc,’ and i made a couple of examples.. Basically, it’s a remix of a remix of a remix of a remix.. That sort of thing.. Some people got excited about the joke, and it kind of took off as a fun way to mess up music. There is a big back story to it, and lots of characters, and so some of my friends in the electronic scene took on “skwunc aliases” that correspond with the story… and there was even a “Rolling Stone Article” that was “uncovered” about the Skwunc story..

Where were you in 2018?

Where were you in 2018?

So a few people got involved in it, and it kind of took off from there.. The story of skwunc is a story of a radical rave-based musical culture (analogous to punk rock) and skwuncers have a real penchant for destruction, anarchy, pcp, and talk with a colorful vocabulary (“hatty” is “cool,” etc) and one of the tracks (in which i basically mixed a couple of acid-house tracks together and then chopped & screwed it and put a Cypress Hill vocal on it) … well, it kind of blew up. The soundcloud page for it is showing a TON of hits, A LOT of them from France. So, apparently skwunc is big in France! Nice!


and here’s iOnik and a friend of his, talking about skwunc, and how it turned their perception of music on it’s head!

“This Ain’t Math Class, Nerd!”


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