Skwunc is Here. Download it for FREEEEE

13 Sep

I woke up this morning and I said to myself, “I’m going to be super-motivated and prolific and try to get some stuff done.” So, after work, I decided to organize and upload the Skwunc album.. It took awhile, because my roommate was tying up the internet. I asked him if he could stop torrenting for five minutes, so he did, but it wasn’t until he left for work and I went and unplugged his line to the router that I was able to get internet as fast I wanted. Ha. Must have been his video game or whatever. Anyway. I got it up there, finally. Then I did a bit of excercise, and the Tea Party Debates were on that night, and I was in the mood for a good ironic laugh, so I started watching that. But I’m digressing hardcore, back to SKKWUNNNNCCC..

So here’s laughing ironically in the face irony herself… ‘skwunc,’ The concept of the album that claims that in 2018, musicians began remixing older forms of remix-genres that had come of age; chopped & screwed, dub, glitch hop, turntablism – and with a hefty amount of acid house, jungle, and rap-samples. this ‘Swkunc,’ is a concept album / compilation / mockumentary about a futuristic and fictional musical scene. And this free album is sure to get you fired up!

Along with the music, there’s a ton of great art in the booklet that comes with the album. It’s an incredible CD, and sure to be a Soul Outsider classic! What could be better? Well, for one thing, it is FREE ! Go download it now! 🙂 <–right here!


This was an ad for skwunc, although it’s no longer, “COMING SOON,” it’s here now!

…and here’s another good one…


Where Were You in 2018?


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