Soul Loop

19 Sep

StrangeFlow - 'Soul Loop,' from the new album, 'The Most Funkenest'

Coming soon...

New track I recently did for the new StrangeFlow album, “The Most Funkenest.” This tune (as opposed to the more vaguely-cartoonishly-faux-P-funk-ish tracks) is more… “soulener,” if that’s a word.. Which it obviously isn’t.. But these tracks aren’t about paying respect to old linguistic conventions, they’re about groovin’ and feeling more funknener than the nerd walking down the block blasting My Chemical Romance with his brand new Ipod 9 or Ipad 4 or whatever… Huh, weird rant going on here… I’m gonna’ stop with the talking and make with the music. So here you go…

All original track. Meaning? Those aren’t samples from some old Gil Scott Heron song – this 100% original track was simply designed to sound soulful and loop-happy. I’ve been a fan of KenLo and his style of cut-up soulful breaks for months now, and was definitely inspired by him – as well as Flying Lotus, Mike Slott, Fulgeance, and many more artists going for the soulful / funk / wonky / downtempo / instrumental hip hop vibe…

One thing I like about some of KenLo’s songs are that they don’t quite feel like full songs, but rather, a series of sounds that paint a moment like a picture on a canvas; in other words, a strong groove is established, you get entranced in it, happily play it a couple of times, and then play the next track. It’s a different mentality towards making music (and listening to music) than you might find in a typically-structured song…but, if it sounds good, then why not?


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