Anthony Joseph

3 Oct

Anthony Joseph

So, today Fulgeance tipped us all off to Anthony Joseph – and I don’t mind giving Fulgeance credit because he’s a dope musician and has a good ear for music —especially music on the funk tip – and with that in mind, here’s some info about his latest post… Anthony Joseph. There’s a great podcast on Radio Campus Paris showcasing Anthony Joseph’s music on the Future Basics Radio Show. It’s some good modern funk/soul on the tripped out edge. I might go so far as to call it glitch hop, though not too many people are calling anything glitch hop yet, so we’ll see about that later.

But anyway, this guy is a real renaissance man: he’s an author/poet (See: African Origins of UFO’s) as well as a lecturer and an incredible musician! As well as playing Anthony’s great music, there’s a lot of other music that DJ Soulless kicks out during this set, so check it out! You can hear the whole podcast, free, here:

You’re going to want to check it out, it’s funky as hell, and part of the modern wave of funk that’s been blasting off lately, and I’ve been crankin’ this podcast all morning. Tune in!


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