Grungestep Vol. 2 is Now Available for Free!

7 Nov

Grungestep Vol. 2 (V/A 2011. Soul Outsider Records)

Download it for Freeeeee

Cover art was done by Canceroflove, a talented jack-of-all trades – not only does he create incredible graphics, but he also has a Bush remix on this compilation!

Well, it’ been a little over a year, and you know what that means, right? .. Yes, that’s right, another Grungestep Compilation!

The year was 2010. I had moved to Fremont, California – from Lansing, Michigan. For some reason, all I wanted to listen to was electronic music, and grunge. I heard Dual’s incredible remix of Nirvana, and with lofty ambitions, I decided to make an entire compilation of songs in that strain of music. Thus, ‘Grungestep.’ Well, it got alot of support from hubs like the Glitch Hop Forum and from Afromonk’s blog, and a lot of hate from Dubstep Forum.. it seemed to be a very polarizing concept. But it struck a chord with a lot of folks, and so I decided to make a sequel.

Lots of great tracks on this one. Canceroflove, angryrancor, Ruzz Tee (and yours truly) as well as some other artists – and – don’t hold your breath, but I’m trying to get Subvert’s mix on there as well, soon. So that would be dope as hell. But even without that one, it’s still a fine compilation from my Soul Outsider Record label, and it’s free. So you can’t lose if you download it. Go ahead! 🙂


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