99 Samples for the 99%

9 Nov
99 Samples for the 99 Percent ( A Free Samples Compilation by StrangeFlow)

Download it now for free and make some dope music!

So I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but one thin seems to be missing… MUSIC! No, I’m not just being artsy and unnecessary here – art and music is VITAL to any successful cultural movement!

If you check out the OCCUPY MUSIC thread in facebook (which I have) it’s mostly older Vietnam-era songs, Bob Marley songs, etc, etc.. All those songs are great and fine, but let’s not build a soundtrack based on pre-existed 60s and 70s protest/peace anthems, let’s leave the nostalgia behind and build a new musical protest landscape!

I know there’s enough talent out there to do it! I, for one, do NOT want to hear ‘For What It’s Worth,’ by Buffalo Springfield, unless it’s a remix, or unless it’s being played after a dozen NEW anthems. So, come on, Music World! Let’s make some new tunes!


Here are some samples I compiled to get y’all going, if you need inspiration, or if you want samples for your political tunes… I hope they’re helpful. I’ve been told they’re a decent resource. So here you go.. Use these samples how you wish! Create some great music if you’re so inclined!

This is a sample-pack of sound recordings from various news shows and Occupy Wall Street video footage. I had to edit some of them down a bit, as this sample-pack was designed to be a resource for musicians who wanted to put vocals into their politically-themed electronic jams as soon (and as easily) as possible. The movement is just over a month old and it needs music! 🙂

Big ups to everyone on Glitch Hop Forum, and of course, everyone involved in the Occupy Wall Street / 99-Percent Movement!

OWS - Obama, Don't Be Wall Street's Puppet!

OWS - Obama, Don't Be Wall Street's Puppet!

I love this next one, too.. The font and the colors are great, and I know that’s not the only thing I’m supposed to notice, and it certainly isn’t, I’m completely for this movement from a moral and political point of view, but I must also say, as far as color-schemes go, this one got me…




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