Canceroflove’s 8-Bit Art With an 8-Bit Heart

9 Nov
Canceroflove's Weblink Vector Art

Canceroflove's Weblink Vector Art

So, my good friend and musician, who goes by the name, Canceroflove ( has recently started doing QR art. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, I didn’t know either. It’s those scannable images you see all over the place now, the ones that lead you to websites. Yea, those things. So, Canceroflove, being the multi-talented up-and-comer that he is, recently started making artistic versions of those scannable weblinks with vectors. But here’s the even-more-awesome part: they STILL WORK as scanable links!

He’s got some real good ones, I’m super impressed by them. He showed some of them at Glitchhopforum, and of course there were nothing but rave-reviews..

Here’s what he said about his vectors:

“It’s scannable and everything. I’ve tried it with three different QR readers and they all seem to work fine. Give it a try. (It links to my Soundcloud page.) …and it’s all done in vector, so it’s infinitely scalable.”

I like this next one, it has an 8-bit heart in it.

8bit art, with an 8bitheart

Canceroflove's Weblink Vector Art

He calls it his ‘QR of the Week.’ I’m diggin’ it. This guy’s got some real talent so you should check up on his stuff when you get the chance!


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