Sunbear – Let Love Flow For Peace

9 Nov
Sunbear - Let Love Flow For Peace

Reeeeaaall nice funk music! Def check it out!

Great funk music. I thought I would repost this because I’ve been playing this track… probably over a dozen times in the last few days. Which is quite a lot for me, I shuffle through a lot of music, sometimes being more-than-a-bit-discerning. But this track is bounce as hell, so I thought I would share. Some good funk and some nice soul rubbed on it.. and why not? Shouldn’t we all let love flow for peace? 🙂

I found this on Fulgeance’s music blog posting on facebook, and then found that he got it from a nice funk/soul blog, (a blog that I VERY MUCH RECOMMEND!) Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory, “Let Love Flow For Peace,” by Sunbear.


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