Freddy Todd – Michigan Glitch Hop Funketeer

12 Nov

So, being a Michigan resident, I’m always excited to find about producers holding it down in the funk department (for example, several members of PFunk are from Detroit) and so I feel I should mention this crazy funketeer, Freddy Todd. Not only am I happy to feature a dope Michigan musician on my blog, but also happy because this dude is an incredible glitch hop producer, and Michigan could always use more glitch hop producers.

This guy has been around awhile, and he’s super funkin’ prolific. He’s worked with hip hop artists, bands, he plays multiple instruments – god damn, this guy is impressive! And he’s not slowing down anytime soon! Definitely going to want to check out his music if you haven’t already.., my absolute favorite blog, had this to say about him:

“He has three previous self released EPs (Hallowz Eve, iLLegal summer ‘stache, and Winter Soulstice), four officially released EPs on the Seattle based label Car Crash Set (Ghost Dance Messiah, Can’t Fathom This Remix EP, Space 5 Penthouse Remix EP, and a combined remix compilation EP of all the remixes for both), and two full length LP albums on Simplify Recordings (Neon Spectacle Operator and Painting In a Silent Eternity – both produced and released within 6 months of each other). He has also released remixes for Ben Samples, Mochipet, +verb, Bobby Tank, and Zebbler and Encanti Experience, as well as many more in the works. You can also find a plethora of FT single tracks scattered around a few of the electronica underground’s compilations including Aisuru One and Bass From Above I (two fundraisers for Japan), and Waveform Modulation’s Ancient WoLF LuRCHeRZ and GalaxC Girl presents Bassage Therapy. Freddy has been touring all over the United States and just wrapped up a rowdy month long nation wide jet tour with bass-comrades Minnesota (Santa Cruz, CA) and Omega (Denver, CO). You can keep up with his latest releases and free remix downloads on his page and his website.”

For the entire article, go to .. they have a lot of decent Q and A’s up on their site.

Anywho, his new one, ‘Honey, I Crunk’d Tha Kidz,’ which is a collab between him and S.P.E.C.T.R.E., can be downloaded for FREEEEEEE @ and I recommend the hell out of everything this muh-funka has done. So check it out:

He also has a release out on Daly City Records, which is also impressive. Daly City Records is known for it’s good glitch hop. They got Ill-Esha and Mochipet, just to name a couple of artists..

I lived in Daly City for about six months, it’s on the peninsula just below San Francisco. Personally, I can’t talk enough shit about Daly City. It’s cramped, boring, expensive, and the only reason you live there (unless you’re raising a family) is to be close to San Francisco WITHOUT actually living IN San Francisco, as that would be even more expensive. Ah, I miss the Bay, though. Hopefully I can move back there, and hopefully I’ll live somewhere decent when I get there.. somewhere that ISN’T Daly City.. But anyway, enough about this Daly City rant. Daly City Records is a legitimately dope record label, and you should check out Freddy Todd!

Here’s one of his tracks off that Daly City Records release:


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