dubSTEP UP for Democracy – Soul Outsider Fashion

15 Nov

So, one of the the things I wanted to accomplish with this blog, aside from showcasing culture and music and art that I find online, is to showcase my own creative works. So far I’ve done this with music, but I also have been designing clothes. It’s just a start, but here’s the link to the zazzle, with many more shirts to come:


The idea was not only to create Occupy Wall Street clothes and ideas, but to also mix in electronic music with it – let me explain why…

I’ve been making electronic music since the late 1990s (so yes, I’m an 80sBaby, and proud of it, lol) and I have always loved listening to the different strains of rave music through the years, but one thing I didn’t love about it was how apathetic a lot of it was to political issues. Just the phrase, ‘political issues,’ turns a lot of people off. I say FUCK that. It shouldn’t turn people off, it should charge them up.

Instead of just dippin’ into some molly and trying to ‘dance’ to dubstep, how bout raging out for something constructive? Think that’s lame? Is Rage Against the Machine lame? What if you took the intensity of them and their sound, but made it out of synthesizers and electronics? Exactly!

So now you see where I’m coming from. Now more than ever, as the authorities are trying to push the demonstrators out of their protests, we need an activist culture – and we need to support the Occupy Movement in any and every way possible! It means holding up signs and demonstrating in New York, it means talking to everybody you know about the movement and trying to articulate why you support it, and it means fusing the ‘what-was-once-NON-political,’ in culture, with politics!


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