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dubSTEP UP for Democracy – Soul Outsider Fashion

15 Nov

So, one of the the things I wanted to accomplish with this blog, aside from showcasing culture and music and art that I find online, is to showcase my own creative works. So far I’ve done this with music, but I also have been designing clothes. It’s just a start, but here’s the link to the zazzle, with many more shirts to come:

The idea was not only to create Occupy Wall Street clothes and ideas, but to also mix in electronic music with it – let me explain why…

I’ve been making electronic music since the late 1990s (so yes, I’m an 80sBaby, and proud of it, lol) and I have always loved listening to the different strains of rave music through the years, but one thing I didn’t love about it was how apathetic a lot of it was to political issues. Just the phrase, ‘political issues,’ turns a lot of people off. I say FUCK that. It shouldn’t turn people off, it should charge them up.

Instead of just dippin’ into some molly and trying to ‘dance’ to dubstep, how bout raging out for something constructive? Think that’s lame? Is Rage Against the Machine lame? What if you took the intensity of them and their sound, but made it out of synthesizers and electronics? Exactly!

So now you see where I’m coming from. Now more than ever, as the authorities are trying to push the demonstrators out of their protests, we need an activist culture – and we need to support the Occupy Movement in any and every way possible! It means holding up signs and demonstrating in New York, it means talking to everybody you know about the movement and trying to articulate why you support it, and it means fusing the ‘what-was-once-NON-political,’ in culture, with politics!


The 99% !

11 Oct

Frustrated with the “1%” (those tireless ‘job-creators’ we’ve been hearing so much about) that have screwed everything up in the economy for everyone else, people have taken to occupying Wallstreeet – in an effort to democratically voice concern to politicians, the media, the government, each other, and the world – that a change is needed.

I’m extremely happy that, even after three weeks, these protests have not quieted but increased! It’s not just a group of hippies, it’s all sorts of young people – and older people – and unions – that have joined in as well, along with growing support from the mainstream media…

Now, now EVERYONE in the media is happy, to be certain, but it is fair to point out that when it began, the mainstream media seemed completely confused and infuriated by the whole thing, but now many news stations and talking heads are starting to come around. Maybe they see the light, and they know this isn’t some two-hour bongo-fest like FOX NEWS wants to believe – or maybe they’re afraid of how big it’s going to get, and they want to be on the right side. But either way, I’m starting to slowly see the media START to come around, here and there..

Here’s one example. CNBC, the country’s premier financial news channel was initially baffled and annoyed at these “idiots” who wanted to, “I don’t know.. ban money, or something?” (that’s a real quote, they actually asked that, on-air, sarcastically) but sooner or later, Jim Cramer stood up for them, and a few others as well; and just today I read this article on CNBC’s website:

I agree with the notion that things are changing and that there is “something in the air,” as the article puts it. It goes on to say that would could take place in our generation is something similar that happened in 1968 in this country. Let’s make sure we don’t get burnt out and give up and vote for Reagan, like so many of the 1960s and 1970s activists seemed to..

One thing to notice, though, is that even though CNBC probably realized it’s a bad idea to fight this kind of populism, at the very end of that article they still kind of stuck it to these young people in New York for not being able to completely invent a new idealogy or show support for some non-capitalist-based-system.. Because after all, it’s already been three weeks, isn’t that long enough to completely and democratically start over and then figure out the best way to rebuild a country? Ha! Oh, mainstream news.. It’s funny how a group like CNBC would interpret a movement against corporate corruption as being completely anti-capitalist. It’s either fuck-the-poor or fuck-the-rich, I guess? No middle ground? No one’s saying we need to burn the place to the ground and start over, we just need to fix what’s wrong with America.

How about bringing the criminals (the ones who ruined the economy on purpose) to justice in a court of law and send them to prison? How about we put regulations back onto corporations that Bush (and, to a lesser extent, Clinton) repealed, so that corporate America isn’t able to swindle us or take advantage like they did, and then get away with it legally? How about we say “Fuck Your ‘Too Big to Fail,’ BS!,” and we actually consider a company that is “so big that it could almost topple an economy,” as a bad thing to have in place. Maybe we shouldn’t let companies become THAT powerful. CEO’s don’t need to make 40 or 50 times what their employees make when some of those employees have to also go on food stamps (or if they get laid off, unemployment) just to get by. And finally, why should we allow corporate news to paint a peaceful movement as being violent or bongo-driven?

As more and more people get involved in the Occupy Wallstreet movement, people will see what’s really going on, and people won’t forget how the major media tried to represent the whole thing… So, they’re really just shooting themselves in the foot by inaccurately and obtusely reporting on the situation. Maybe SOME of them realized that already, which is why you start getting articles like the one on CNBC I just posted three paragraphs up. They must know, deep down, that when people get screwed over the way we all were, that they aren’t going to just, “play a bongo,” for an hour and then give up and leave. It’s bigger than that.

What an interesting and weird time we are living in.

Anthony Joseph

3 Oct

Anthony Joseph

So, today Fulgeance tipped us all off to Anthony Joseph – and I don’t mind giving Fulgeance credit because he’s a dope musician and has a good ear for music —especially music on the funk tip – and with that in mind, here’s some info about his latest post… Anthony Joseph. There’s a great podcast on Radio Campus Paris showcasing Anthony Joseph’s music on the Future Basics Radio Show. It’s some good modern funk/soul on the tripped out edge. I might go so far as to call it glitch hop, though not too many people are calling anything glitch hop yet, so we’ll see about that later.

But anyway, this guy is a real renaissance man: he’s an author/poet (See: African Origins of UFO’s) as well as a lecturer and an incredible musician! As well as playing Anthony’s great music, there’s a lot of other music that DJ Soulless kicks out during this set, so check it out! You can hear the whole podcast, free, here:

You’re going to want to check it out, it’s funky as hell, and part of the modern wave of funk that’s been blasting off lately, and I’ve been crankin’ this podcast all morning. Tune in!