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dubSTEP UP for Democracy – Soul Outsider Fashion

15 Nov

So, one of the the things I wanted to accomplish with this blog, aside from showcasing culture and music and art that I find online, is to showcase my own creative works. So far I’ve done this with music, but I also have been designing clothes. It’s just a start, but here’s the link to the zazzle, with many more shirts to come:

The idea was not only to create Occupy Wall Street clothes and ideas, but to also mix in electronic music with it – let me explain why…

I’ve been making electronic music since the late 1990s (so yes, I’m an 80sBaby, and proud of it, lol) and I have always loved listening to the different strains of rave music through the years, but one thing I didn’t love about it was how apathetic a lot of it was to political issues. Just the phrase, ‘political issues,’ turns a lot of people off. I say FUCK that. It shouldn’t turn people off, it should charge them up.

Instead of just dippin’ into some molly and trying to ‘dance’ to dubstep, how bout raging out for something constructive? Think that’s lame? Is Rage Against the Machine lame? What if you took the intensity of them and their sound, but made it out of synthesizers and electronics? Exactly!

So now you see where I’m coming from. Now more than ever, as the authorities are trying to push the demonstrators out of their protests, we need an activist culture – and we need to support the Occupy Movement in any and every way possible! It means holding up signs and demonstrating in New York, it means talking to everybody you know about the movement and trying to articulate why you support it, and it means fusing the ‘what-was-once-NON-political,’ in culture, with politics!


Mugwort – Pyschedelic Crunk Art and Clothing !

13 Nov


Isaac Mills is one talented guy. If you haven’t seen his work, you should DEFINITELY check it out. As far as I can see, his art is a mixture of crunk and spirituality/mysticism. Sound unusual? Take a look for yourself! He’s done work for musicians such as An-Ten-Nae, Jungle Tribe, and Dirty Baron – just to name a few! His work has been displayed in art galleries in Europe, as well. Beautiful doesn’t describe it well enough, it’s simply breath-taking art!

Isaac Mills

Isaac Mills

When he’s not traveling to exotic locations like Indonesia, or designing awesome album covers and graphics, he’s working with his partner, Kaery, to post these designs for SALE in their online shop!! You can actually wear some of this amazing art! It’s probably obvious at this point, but I have nothing but props for this whole project!

African Goddess Longsleeve Shirt- Army Green

African Goddess Longsleeve Shirt- Army Green

It’s truly some psychedelic crunk material, a trend that I’m very excited to see. It’s just my personal opinion, but I think we’re all in for an exciting era for art and clothing.



If you like the designs, you can purchase them at their store, here:

Acute Obsession!

11 Nov

Ashley Bryan, from her blog, Acute Obsession

Ashley Bryan, from her blog, Acute Obsession

So, my close friend, Ashley Bryan (who recently moved to Grand Ledge, Michigan) hosts a fashion blog, where she models the cutest and hippest fashions around. If you recognize her photo, it’s because she’s the really pretty girl whom I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with a couple months back, which you can read about in an older post.

She has a real knack for fashion and design, and she works tirelessly at the costume shop at Lansing Community College. They put on plays every few months, and their latest one, ‘Black Butler,’ received great reviews, and Ashley helped create many of the costumes. Check out her blog!

99 Samples for the 99%

9 Nov
99 Samples for the 99 Percent ( A Free Samples Compilation by StrangeFlow)

Download it now for free and make some dope music!

So I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement, but one thin seems to be missing… MUSIC! No, I’m not just being artsy and unnecessary here – art and music is VITAL to any successful cultural movement!

If you check out the OCCUPY MUSIC thread in facebook (which I have) it’s mostly older Vietnam-era songs, Bob Marley songs, etc, etc.. All those songs are great and fine, but let’s not build a soundtrack based on pre-existed 60s and 70s protest/peace anthems, let’s leave the nostalgia behind and build a new musical protest landscape!

I know there’s enough talent out there to do it! I, for one, do NOT want to hear ‘For What It’s Worth,’ by Buffalo Springfield, unless it’s a remix, or unless it’s being played after a dozen NEW anthems. So, come on, Music World! Let’s make some new tunes!

Here are some samples I compiled to get y’all going, if you need inspiration, or if you want samples for your political tunes… I hope they’re helpful. I’ve been told they’re a decent resource. So here you go.. Use these samples how you wish! Create some great music if you’re so inclined!

This is a sample-pack of sound recordings from various news shows and Occupy Wall Street video footage. I had to edit some of them down a bit, as this sample-pack was designed to be a resource for musicians who wanted to put vocals into their politically-themed electronic jams as soon (and as easily) as possible. The movement is just over a month old and it needs music! 🙂

Big ups to everyone on Glitch Hop Forum, and of course, everyone involved in the Occupy Wall Street / 99-Percent Movement!

OWS - Obama, Don't Be Wall Street's Puppet!

OWS - Obama, Don't Be Wall Street's Puppet!

I love this next one, too.. The font and the colors are great, and I know that’s not the only thing I’m supposed to notice, and it certainly isn’t, I’m completely for this movement from a moral and political point of view, but I must also say, as far as color-schemes go, this one got me…



Canceroflove’s 8-Bit Art With an 8-Bit Heart

9 Nov
Canceroflove's Weblink Vector Art

Canceroflove's Weblink Vector Art

So, my good friend and musician, who goes by the name, Canceroflove ( has recently started doing QR art. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, I didn’t know either. It’s those scannable images you see all over the place now, the ones that lead you to websites. Yea, those things. So, Canceroflove, being the multi-talented up-and-comer that he is, recently started making artistic versions of those scannable weblinks with vectors. But here’s the even-more-awesome part: they STILL WORK as scanable links!

He’s got some real good ones, I’m super impressed by them. He showed some of them at Glitchhopforum, and of course there were nothing but rave-reviews..

Here’s what he said about his vectors:

“It’s scannable and everything. I’ve tried it with three different QR readers and they all seem to work fine. Give it a try. (It links to my Soundcloud page.) …and it’s all done in vector, so it’s infinitely scalable.”

I like this next one, it has an 8-bit heart in it.

8bit art, with an 8bitheart

Canceroflove's Weblink Vector Art

He calls it his ‘QR of the Week.’ I’m diggin’ it. This guy’s got some real talent so you should check up on his stuff when you get the chance!

Soul Loop

19 Sep

StrangeFlow - 'Soul Loop,' from the new album, 'The Most Funkenest'

Coming soon...

New track I recently did for the new StrangeFlow album, “The Most Funkenest.” This tune (as opposed to the more vaguely-cartoonishly-faux-P-funk-ish tracks) is more… “soulener,” if that’s a word.. Which it obviously isn’t.. But these tracks aren’t about paying respect to old linguistic conventions, they’re about groovin’ and feeling more funknener than the nerd walking down the block blasting My Chemical Romance with his brand new Ipod 9 or Ipad 4 or whatever… Huh, weird rant going on here… I’m gonna’ stop with the talking and make with the music. So here you go…

All original track. Meaning? Those aren’t samples from some old Gil Scott Heron song – this 100% original track was simply designed to sound soulful and loop-happy. I’ve been a fan of KenLo and his style of cut-up soulful breaks for months now, and was definitely inspired by him – as well as Flying Lotus, Mike Slott, Fulgeance, and many more artists going for the soulful / funk / wonky / downtempo / instrumental hip hop vibe…

One thing I like about some of KenLo’s songs are that they don’t quite feel like full songs, but rather, a series of sounds that paint a moment like a picture on a canvas; in other words, a strong groove is established, you get entranced in it, happily play it a couple of times, and then play the next track. It’s a different mentality towards making music (and listening to music) than you might find in a typically-structured song…but, if it sounds good, then why not?

Skwunc is Here. Download it for FREEEEE

13 Sep

I woke up this morning and I said to myself, “I’m going to be super-motivated and prolific and try to get some stuff done.” So, after work, I decided to organize and upload the Skwunc album.. It took awhile, because my roommate was tying up the internet. I asked him if he could stop torrenting for five minutes, so he did, but it wasn’t until he left for work and I went and unplugged his line to the router that I was able to get internet as fast I wanted. Ha. Must have been his video game or whatever. Anyway. I got it up there, finally. Then I did a bit of excercise, and the Tea Party Debates were on that night, and I was in the mood for a good ironic laugh, so I started watching that. But I’m digressing hardcore, back to SKKWUNNNNCCC..

So here’s laughing ironically in the face irony herself… ‘skwunc,’ The concept of the album that claims that in 2018, musicians began remixing older forms of remix-genres that had come of age; chopped & screwed, dub, glitch hop, turntablism – and with a hefty amount of acid house, jungle, and rap-samples. this ‘Swkunc,’ is a concept album / compilation / mockumentary about a futuristic and fictional musical scene. And this free album is sure to get you fired up!

Along with the music, there’s a ton of great art in the booklet that comes with the album. It’s an incredible CD, and sure to be a Soul Outsider classic! What could be better? Well, for one thing, it is FREE ! Go download it now! 🙂 <–right here!


This was an ad for skwunc, although it’s no longer, “COMING SOON,” it’s here now!

…and here’s another good one…


Where Were You in 2018?

Album Preview: “The Skwunc Years: 2018-19”

2 Sep
This Ain't Math Class, Nerd!

The Skwunc Years: 2018-19

So, I go to a lot, and someone made a post recently about witch house.. If you don’t know what witch house is… ok, imagine a tween-hipster just went to one of the new twilight movies, and then went home, decided to make some music, took some heroin, sat down in their favorite comfortable chair, lost all energy to make music (on account of the heroin) but ALSO lost the energy to get out of the chair, and so continued with the music-making… ok, basically, it’s a really lame ghoulish and spooky kind of sound, and a lot of witch house bands like to mix old 80s teen movie songs into their tracks.. I’m not a big fan…

So I posted something in GHF called “10 New Genres for 2011 That Are Better Than Ghost House,” ( and one of them was ‘skwunc,’ and i made a couple of examples.. Basically, it’s a remix of a remix of a remix of a remix.. That sort of thing.. Some people got excited about the joke, and it kind of took off as a fun way to mess up music. There is a big back story to it, and lots of characters, and so some of my friends in the electronic scene took on “skwunc aliases” that correspond with the story… and there was even a “Rolling Stone Article” that was “uncovered” about the Skwunc story..

Where were you in 2018?

Where were you in 2018?

So a few people got involved in it, and it kind of took off from there.. The story of skwunc is a story of a radical rave-based musical culture (analogous to punk rock) and skwuncers have a real penchant for destruction, anarchy, pcp, and talk with a colorful vocabulary (“hatty” is “cool,” etc) and one of the tracks (in which i basically mixed a couple of acid-house tracks together and then chopped & screwed it and put a Cypress Hill vocal on it) … well, it kind of blew up. The soundcloud page for it is showing a TON of hits, A LOT of them from France. So, apparently skwunc is big in France! Nice!


and here’s iOnik and a friend of his, talking about skwunc, and how it turned their perception of music on it’s head!

“This Ain’t Math Class, Nerd!”

WAY Too Cool for THESE Rocks

31 Aug

So, I’ve been wanting to get more into fashion and fashion-blogging, so I consulted my friend, Ashley Bryan, who runs her own fashion blog called Acute Obsession and we both decided to help each other out with taking photos for our each other’s blogs…

So here are a few from our recent outing to the ledges at a park in Grand Ledge, MI. It was a cloudy day, we walked along the path for awhile until we found an old rundown industrial bridge. All in all, a good day. Perfect Michigan-summer weather, if ya ask me.

Great scenic area!!

good close-up shot

chillin chillin lol

i tried to cliimb up on some ledges for this one.

Ashley Bryan (from Acute Obsession) with her cool hat

Ashley Bryan, looking slightly mysterious and really pretty

Ashley, by the old industrial bridge

Ashley, by the old industrial bridge

and here's me again, by the bridge..

and here's me again, by the bridge..